Thursday, September 5, 2013

What to look forward to from sister hearts7

We are two sisters from California, who love makeup, beauty, fashion, diy crafts, and food!

When it comes to makeup and beauty, we enjoy trying new products and absolutely love finding dupes for expensive products...I mean, who doesn't love a great deal? With different skin types/needs, we will share our tips and suggestions when it comes to makeup...what works for us and what just doesn't make the cut. 

With our different styles, you will learn more about our personalities and who we are. A great outfit doesn't have to be expensive! Making a fashionable outfit on a budget may be difficult at times, but it can be done!

We have always loved crafts growing up and continue to love diy crafts! Making something great out of affordable supplies is always fun!

Cooking and baking is something that we also enjoy! We love our yummy foods (even though they may not be "healthy")! Putting healthier twists on some recipes is also fun...especially when they taste just as good as the original recipe!

We are excited to share our interests with you and hope that you all enjoy!

Lots of Love,
sister hearts7

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