Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Get Those Makeup Brushes Squeaky Clean

For those of you who use makeup brushes, you can probably tell when your brushes are getting dirty. The build-up of makeup and oils from your face begin to make the brush feel more stiff, not giving you the best results when applying your makeup.

It is important to cleanse your makeup brushes often, to ensure that bacteria is not able to build-up...we don't want to breakout from bacteria from our brushes getting onto our skin!

To avoid this, we like to cleanse our makeup brushes at least once a week!

Keep reading to see how we like to clean our brushes!

What you need:
- towel
- dirty makeup brushes
- mild shampoo/ soap (we like to use baby shampoo)
- silicon oven mitt (with some sort of texture)

Some of the brushes I used that needed cleaning

The oven mitt I purchased works well to clean my brushes, but if I were to repurchase one, I would get a silicon oven mitt that was made of all silicon (the inside of the mitt has material and sometimes it does get wet).

Silicon oven mitt and baby shampoo

Let's wash our first brush!
First, get your brush fully wet (use warm water).
Next, pour out a little shampoo onto the mitt.

Gently swirl your brush on the mitt and into the shampoo. Keep repeating this motion for about 10-15 seconds. Even though it may look like the makeup is out, you want to ensure that you are cleaning the brush so all the oils (from your face) are being removed too.

Now it's time to rinse your brush!
Turn on that warm water and gently swirl your brush into your mitt (same motion you used to clean it with the shampoo), while under the warm water.
It is important to thoroughly rinse your brush because any shampoo left on the brush can cause problems with the application of your makeup, or worse, make you breakout! 

After rinsing your brush, you will want to squeeze the water out of your brush and reshape the brush (so the hairs/ bristles of the brush do not dry all out of shape).

In the space between the thumb and other fingers, gently squeeze out any excess water from the brush, then reshape the brush.

After completing this step, lie your brush flat on the towel to dry. Repeat this process for each of your brushes. It may take longer than you would like, but it does get the job done effectively!
Depending on the type of brush, I find that it takes anywhere from 12- 24 hours for my brushes to completely dry.
When they are fully dry, they are as good as new and ready to use!

We hope that you try this technique for cleaning your makeup brushes because we find that it cleanses the brushes much better than your bare hand (we used to just use our hand)!

Lots of Love,
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  2. Your tips are so great xx I just dropped by to say that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I think your blog is absolutely wonderful
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  3. I've been wanting to try one of these brush cleaning mitts for ages but I've never come across one... Do you know where you can get them from in Australia? :)

    Debra Bros Blog

    1. Any silicon oven mitt will do (one that has some texture). You can try looking on or even a store that carries kitchen accessories! We did not purchase one that was intended for cleaning our makeup brushes (as those are typically really expensive), but rather one that is intended for baking. We purchased ours from (, but I will say that ours did have material on the inside even though the outside was made of silicon. With material on the inside, water does come through sometimes. So I would recommend looking for one that is made fully of silicon, from the inside out. I hope this helps you out! Let us know if you find one that you like! We are still on a search for a full silicon mitt! :)